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This supplement is a blend of gluten-free, allergen-free, non-GMO, natural ingredients that contain their unique functions and a few of their benefits are as follows:

Vitamin C

⦁ Antioxidant
⦁ Protects cells from the damage caused by free radicals
⦁ Improves the immune system
⦁ Supports the body's healing process

Vitamin D

⦁ Helps the immune system to fight invading bacteria and viruses
⦁ Nutrients needed for a good health
⦁ Helps the body absorbs calcium, a building block for strong bones
⦁ Protects the body from developing osteoporosis
⦁ Helps nerves to carry messages between the brain and body
⦁ Prevents heart disease and high blood pressure
⦁ Defends against cancer, such as colon, prostate, and breast cancers


⦁ Supports the immune system to fight harmful bacteria and viruses.
⦁ Improves metabolism function
⦁ Supports sense of taste and smell.
⦁ Aids with wound healing


⦁ Antioxidant
⦁ Helps digestion
⦁ Anti-Inflammation
⦁ Speeds recovery after surgery or exercise
⦁ Fortifies the immune function
⦁ Potassium


⦁ Fights harmful bacteria and viruses
⦁ Anti-inflammation and antioxidant
⦁ Helps with weight management
⦁ Reduces risk of heart disease
⦁ Reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol


⦁ Vitamin C
⦁ Supports weight management
⦁ Reduces the risk of:
⦁ Anemia
⦁ Heart disease
⦁ Kidney stones
⦁ Digestive issues
⦁ Cancer


⦁ Anti-Inflammation
⦁ Improves allergies
⦁ Eases indigestion
⦁ Improves the body’s healing process
⦁ Helps with recovery after surgery or injury.
⦁ Promotes overall health and wellness


⦁ Provides antioxidants
⦁ Improves the immune system
⦁ Reduces heart disease risk factors
⦁ Prevents kidney stones
⦁ Aids iron absorption
⦁ Promotes healthy skin
B’Soleil is a health immunity booster that helps give you advanced protection and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Made from ingredients that are in the food category, which is the body’s primary source of nutrients, this immunity supplement helps the body quickly improve and maintain its healthy functions by using its natural source of sustenance. Unlike many vitamins and supplements, the B’Soleil supplement contains a unique blend of ingredients, including fruits and vegetables that are generally available in many grocery stores, including pineapple, lemon, ginger, and lime. Combined with daily exercise, B’Soleil is a supplement boost that when used as directed, the benefits are almost immediate.