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B’Soleil couldn't have made a holistic, lifestyle-maintaining vitamin and nutrient supplement without including the magical benefits of pineapple. A popular antioxidant and superfood, pineapple has numerous benefits to immune support and health. 

Antioxidants are molecules that help your body inhibit oxidative reactions and reduce the production of free radicals, which harm our health. Free radicals are known to cause damage linked to chronic inflammation, a weakened immune system, and more. Antioxidants are popular in smoothies and juices, so why not a daily immunity supplement booster? 

The enzymes found in pineapple can help aid the digestive process in breaking down tough protein molecules so that their benefits are easier absorbed across the small intestine. According to experts, this could ease the process of digestion and aleve some discomfort. 

Immunity support is another major health benefit of pineapple. According to experts and their studies, consistent consumption of pineapple can increase disease fighting white blood cell counts, and may even be linked to the prevention of cancer. 

Inflammation is a common complaint of many people, and many don’t get the kind of relief they are looking for from medication alone. Pineapple and its anti-inflammatory properties have been found to help arthritis patients and can speed up recovery after strenuous exercise or surgery. 

Pineapple is included in B’Soleil because it boasts an impressive amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, including Vitamin C, potassium, manganese, B Vitamins, bromelain, antioxidants, and more!

B’Soleil is a health immunity booster that helps give you advanced protection and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Made from ingredients that are in the food category, which is the body’s primary source of nutrients, this immunity supplement helps the body quickly improve and maintain its healthy functions by using its natural source of sustenance. Unlike many vitamins and supplements, the B’Soleil supplement contains a unique blend of ingredients, including fruits and vegetables that are generally available in many grocery stores, including pineapple, lemon, ginger, and lime. Combined with daily exercise, B’Soleil is a supplement boost that when used as directed, the benefits are almost immediate.